Doug Levitt is a great singer-songwriter

America is an amazing country filled with fascinating stories. Wherever you go, you are sure to find someone that has a fantastic tale for you. Unfortunately, many of these stories go untold because society does not care to listen. The poorest among us do not have the voice necessary to make their stories heard. Very few people care to gather these stories up, but Doug Levitt wanted to find them and record them.

Doug Levitt is a famous singer-songwriter. He once served as an international journalist, and his time abroad made him want to learn more about his home country. He realized that people around the country have exciting stories that they are willing to tell, but no one has recorded them. In the early 2000s, Doug set out on a simple project that would change his life forever.

Doug decided to travel the United States via Greyhound bus. He got on a Greyhound and kept hoping buses for almost six weeks. This first six-week journey allowed Doug to gather several amazing stories about those that ride Greyhound buses. Many of these people were barely getting by. He took these first stories and turned them into songs. Over the next ten years, Doug has gathered thousands of stories. He works hard to find a way to express each story. Sometimes the best way is to simply post a photograph, at other times he posted a short story on social media. He composed songs about the most powerful stories, eventually releasing two different EPs. These Greyhound Diaries are incredibly powerful and help bring the story of America to people around the world. Doug is proud of the work that he has done on this piece, and he hopes to continue riding Greyhound buses and gathering new and exciting stories to tell.

Doug has gathered thousands of miles during his time working on the Greyhound Diaries. He passed the 80,000 miles in 2012, and he plans to keep going. America has a rich history, and it needs musicians and journalists like Doug to tell this story. Without people like him we are bound to forget our heritage.

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