Doe Deere on her easy morning routine and her life in Russia

If you ever Doe Deere walking down the street, you will instantly recognize her. Sporting a new hair color frequently and will a style that will amaze you. Full of life and color Ms. Deere is a vision of positivity. Born and raised across the world in Russia, the successful cosmetic queen was a creative young child. Following the beat of her own drum she loved getting into character with costumes and makeup. Dressing up as a witch during a slumber party she had with a friend was one of Doe’s favorite memories. Her aspirations was big when Doe Deere moved to the Big Apple (New York City) from her home country. Salt Sky was her band and she was the lead singer.


Doe is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a wonderful cosmetic line that celebrates your inner unicorn. Ms. Deere loves colorful and bright makeup, so it is fitting that her cosmetic line is as fun and colorful as she is. On top of that the CEO is super passionate about animal. All of Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and vegan certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Learn more:


The creative entrepreneur is an early riser and loves the whole process of her morning routine including looking out the window, eating breakfast, and having some time to herself. Breakfast consists of fruit, grits, yogurt, and fresh-squeezed orange juice from her tree in the backyard. She lives in Los Angeles so it is the perfect climate to grow all year around oranges. Before she eats breakfast Doe stretches with some easy poses, drinks a glass of water, and looks out at the world to see what the weather holds. After breakfast she logs into Instagram, checks email, and chats with her team at the office. Then the makeup routine ensues. Lipstick and blush are her favorite part because that is when the color part comes in. Doe also enjoys listening to music when she applies her makeup and pets her cats. It is a great part of her day because she gets time to herself and revels in it. Next, Doe goes into the office at lunch time and catches up with her team. Then the boss lady attends meetings, answers emails, and attends to whatever else needs attention. Work ends at 6pm and the hardworking cosmetic queen goes home. If it is a particularly busy day at the office then she will stay there till 12am if needed.


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