Doe Deere Expands On Successful Like Crime Brand

Doe Deere, successful makeup designer, marketing analyst, and technology expert, has exceeded the cosmetic industry with her Lime Crime cosmetics, and other expansions from the brand. Deere, has created a cosmetic line that is meant to empower her wearers. Thousands of women around the world prefer the long lasting coverage of LC products. Surprisingly, their products go on smooth with 24 hours of coverage. Enjoy brilliant shades like Radical Metallic, or Mint Kisser to name a few. LC products come in amazing shades for your eye-lids, and lips. Accent your best features with LC cosmetics, and love your new, or upgraded look.


Accent your best features including the color of your eyes. Make the blue in eyes stand out as a sparkling blue with many different compatible shades. You’ll love how LC cosmetics make your features stand out. Their products are waterproof, and 100% cruelty-free. Deere, never tests her cosmetics on animals like competitive brands. In fact, LC has created a line of Purr cosmetics with 5 buttery shades. Deere has designated 30% of all sales to the local Humane Society of LA to ensure better treatment of the homeless cat population. The money will go towards housing, socializing, and house training thousands of needy cats.


Deere got her start as a teenager in her native Russia by popularizing novelty tattoos. After wearing them, they were must have for her friends. She knew from then on, she had a niche at marketing products. When she later moved to New York, she entered school, and received her certification in design. Lime Crime was born and, Deere was the first of her kind to experiment with the velvetine matte base. Amazingly, their unique formula goes on moist, and dries to a smooth finish. They also include a similar super-foil base for superior coverage.


Deere, told Savior Laflare magazine online her daily makeup regimen includes her products along with others for a concealer. In fact, Deere tells her readers to be successful you have to get the proper rest, have a balanced diet, and be the flame behind your brand. Being successful also involves risks, says Deere. She didn’t want to settle with her award winning cosmetic line by expanding her intricate colors to several different brands. For example, you can get her Scandal lipstick with the same familiar ingredients in a popular purple-violet hue. Scandal is very popular among their 1.4 million Instagram followers, and your invited to follow to learn more about her new brand today. Learn more:


You can find out more about Doe Deere, and LC products by visiting their exclusive YouTube channel. Thousands of women have made tutorials concerning creative ways to mix, match, and blend their products. They also offer an extensive website with a list of products on several models with a different ethnicity so you can see how your skin tone will look in a particular shade. Lime Crime gives you the confidence of facing your day with bright bold colors that require you to be who you are.


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