Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

In an industry where predominantly men hold the top leadership positions, Desiree Perez has risen above that in the music and entertainment industry. Desiree Perez, entrepreneur, talent manager, and producer, has accomplished this by being hardworking and driven about her career.

Desiree has been a big part of music icon, Jay-Z, expanding business. Desiree has made sure his talent development, music production, and concert tour management companies remain successful. She has been involved with their success for at least the last 22 years. Regardless of what kind of business it may be, Desiree Perez is entrusted to make sure it is successful all around. Click Here for more.

Desiree is always involved and is the best at boardroom negotiations. Desiree and husband, Juan Perez, are also very involved in the Hova Circle of Influence, which is a group of successful influencers and investors in the music and entertainment industry. Desiree is Jay-Z’s go-to when ot comes to tough negotiations and important business deals. Desiree is the best because she is confident and has the experience to make the best decisions. All of this is why she is Jay-Z’s most trusted business associate. Perez at Facebook.

Desiree has dedinitely proven howngood she is as her position of Cheif Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She ia incredible at her job and is the best of the best in her industry. Desiree Perez had a part in negotiating the deal between Rhianna and Samsung. She will continue her success as she manages the entire company of Roc Nation and all other branches of the organization. for more.

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