David McDonald: ISU Graduate And OSI Group’s President And CEO

Global food processing company the OSI Group’s president and chief operating officer David McDonald has spent over 30 years with the company. During that time, the Iowa State University graduate has helped them to attain unprecedented growth. The company now serves clients in 80 countries around the world and has more than 70 processing facilities in The United States, Eastern and Western Europe, China, India and other parts of Asia, Australia and many other locations. With McDonald’s help the OSI Group has built 10 processing facilities in China and grown to become the country’s largest poultry processor.

When David McDonald completed his degree in animal science in 1987 and was hired as a project manager by the OSI Group, no one anticipated he would become such an integral part of the company’s establishment of a significant presence in China. He has also played a crucial role in the OSI Group’s acquisition of Flagship Europe and Dutch food company Baho Foods. McDonald’s work with the logistics team has helped the OSI Group remain atop the constantly evolving international food services industry. His role in working with governmental agencies, local suppliers and marketers keep things flowing smoothly.

David McDonald’s ability to handle technical issues and help the OSI Group establish dynamic partnerships and develop culturally sensitive products to meet the unique taste of customer in diverse countries has led OSI Group to exceed customer expectations and enjoy increased profitability in even the early stages of their work in new markets. McDonald’s in-depth understanding of the company’s vision and goals has helped them to remain flexible enough to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise. He helps the staff maintain high quality standards and exemplifies the company’s reputation for treating both staff and customers like family members.

In the three decades since graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald has remained actively involved with the school. He helped set up internships for ISU students at the OSI Group, donates to the school’s scholarship fund and works with ISU’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Two of McDonald’s 6 children attend Iowa State University. He also volunteers with Wheaton, Illinois’s St. Michael Parrish and is the North American Meat Institute’s board chairman.

Raised on a Northeast Iowa farm, David McDonald has helped the OSI Group to become a major force in the international food service industry while being promoted to positions of increasing responsibility and importance.

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