D Magazine names Dr. Rod Rohrich one of the best surgeons in Dallas, Texas

The work of surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich has not gone unnoticed over the coursed of his career, which has taken in a number of areas of expertized and some of the most important work on safety in the profession. A career that has seen Rohrich become a leader in plastic surgery at UT Southeastern Medical Center has resulted in his peers in the Dallas area voting Rohrich as one of the top surgeons in the area. The world renowned surgeon has recently been in high demand to provide talks and seminars on his techniques and research around the world as his colleagues in the plastic surgery field have become increasingly certain of his skills.

Rohrich has spent a large amount of his career working in a teaching hospital, which has had the effect of allowing him the chance to conduct much of the research into the skin that is seen as ground breaking. In recent years, Dr. Rohrich came to the conclusion that understanding how the skin ages could hold the key to providing the best in plastic surgery results as matching the technique to the skin becomes increasingly important. Rohrich believes the basic knowledge of how the skin changes with age can make it far more easy to create individual techniques designed to the needs of each patient.

Along with his impressive research into skin aging Dr.Rod Rohrich has also been involved in a ground breaking study into the safety of patients undergoing specific surgeries. This research had the effect of producing an algorithm Rohrich was a major part of and has been published to assist others in the field with keeping their patients safe. As one of the top surgeons in the world Rohrich has accepted the D Magazine award and is now seen as an important member of the plastic surgery community in the Dallas area and in the world. More information about Dr. Rod Rohrich can be found on his Facebook page.

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