Class Dojo Is Dedicated To Improving The Classroom Environment

Bringing instructors, parents, and students together is what Class Dojo does best. Since launching in 2011, Class Dojo has been allowing parents to connect with their children in the classroom. The innovative application also allows users to share photos, videos, and special moments from in the classroom among parents and teachers. Now parents can stay tuned on every holiday and event taking place in school.

One of the biggest attractions for Class Dojo is the positive environment it builds within the classroom and the communication it offers parents. Students are able to receive positive encouragement, which enables them to feel confident showing off their accomplishments and abilities.

Students and parents alike are provided with feedback and reminders of what needs to be done is a huge help for everyone. Instead of the instructors having to send students home with a note, they can directly address the problem through Class Dojo in a positive manner. This gives students an incentive to change their behavior instead of hiding what they do from their parents. Class Dojo is the perfect tool for allowing teachers to send clear and productive messages.

Communication between the teacher, student, and parents has always been a key to success within the classroom, with Class Dojo, communication has never been easier. The program is being using in two thirds of all US schools everyday and is helping to provide a more positive classroom experience. This is especially helpful to parents who are busy with errands and work so they can keep in touch with their child’s teachers.

Since the rise of digital technology and apps, it’s clear that it is here to stay. Class Dojo stays current with their technology and updates to ensure and properly working app. The program is widely compatible and network secure to ensure all users ease of use. Class Dojo aims for positivity, which is why it comes with video and photo capabilities for sharing classroom moments easily.

There are no downsides to using Class Dojo, since it is free and is all about helping. Regardless of the scenario Class Dojo can help when it comes to school. Parents and teachers can inform each other of missed information, such as trips or signed papers right through the app to ensure no one ever misses a moment. Class Dojo is all about building the community around school and creating a positive environment where students and parent can feel engaged. Becoming involved in the classroom is only a finger tap away.


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