Chris Linkas Investments and Investing Young

In today’s economic environment, many young millenials are hesitant to invest financially in their long term future. However, now is the best time for those in their twenties to begin learning and investing for long term financial health. Investing in a person’s twenties can lead to long term gains that cannot be replicated later in life or closer to retirement (

As a young investor, risk is easier to take and recover from. Whereas someone in their sixties is going to be hesitant to participate in a high risk form of investment, young investors can make major gains by taking higher risks. If the risk does not pay off, the young investor has decades to recover from the loss instead of one or two years prior to retirement.

Based on this ability to take risk, young investors can diversify their investments more readily. For example, European Head of Credit Chris Linkas has a diverse array of investments such as commercial real estate, corporate loans, securities, and renewables. These are just a few examples of the investment areas Chris Linkas has taken advantage of. Located in London and the head of the European Credit Group responsible for opportunistic principal investments in the UK-Euro regions, Chris Linkas can serve as an example to young investors of how to invest in the market to make impressive gains.

Young investors have additional advantages in their ability to learn and take advantage of the technology available to them. Chris Linkas and how he and his team invest is just one example of how young investors can learn from another investor’s successes. A complex idea, investors in their twenties have the advantage of decades of learning from trial and error and studying the markets when investing. This allows them to take less risk and learn more sure and steady ways to make income as they get closer to retirement.

Investing young has many advantages. The ability to learn and take risk are just a couple. Allowing time for investments to build is vital in setting up for successful later retirement and an advantage unique to the young.


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