Chris Burch’s Newest Creativity In A Field He Has Just Started To Explore

Christopher Burch is a diversified entrepreneur with investments in various fields. He delves deep into creativity in all his endeavors, such as real estate, jewelry making, interior design and most recently, hospitality. Burch owns luxury homes for sale and renting in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Southampton, Florida and New York. He built the property in partnership with Philippe Stark, a well-known architect in the States and Alan Faena, an accomplished hospitality professional. Burch started C. Wonder, an accessory firm, in 2011 and developed apparel and home décor until the company’s sale to Xcel Brands. He established another home décor company in 2014, Cocoon9 in collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres. Burch co-owns Bur+Mah and TRADEMARK with Ellen DeGeneres. He also supports various independent firms such as BaubleBur, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health, Chubbies, Soludos and Little Duck Organics. Christopher’s newest muse is his Indonesian creation, Nihiwatu, where he enjoys spending time.



Nihiwatu is a five-star international hotel that surpasses the dreams of every traveler looking for sleek hospitality far away from home. The serial creator stated that Nihiwatu’s result surprised him too since most projects always deliver less satisfaction than expected. When he bought the resort in 2012, he foresaw endless possibilities from renovating it. Chris marveled at the tranquility and beauty of the region and immediately made plans to take advantage of what nature offered. Nihiwatu is one of the few places in the world with a spa beneath a waterfall, rare and unique tourist destinations and hotel services that include a butler in every room. Chris bought the property in 2012 from a New Jersey couple in partnership with James McBride. He invested approximately 30 million into renovating the place and opened in 2015. Burch stated that he bought the hotel on the Indonesian Sumba Island for his children, and as a means to give back to the community in Indonesia.



Chris Burch and his partner give back to the community by contributing some of their profits through the Sumba Foundation. A sneak peek into the estate reveals that Nihiwatu has 27 private villas including Burch’s home, plunge pools in every villa and views of Nihi beach and the Indian Ocean from the plunge pools. The property has two storeyed houses that are connected by bamboo bridges. Nihiwatu’s staff includes yoga instructors, horse trainers, and surf coaches. Nihiwatu attracts international surfers during the high tide who travel to sport on the beach. Chris and James have plans to build more resorts for the millennial traveler in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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