Chicago’s Real Estate Affected by Tax Hike

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s property tax is set to begin next year, changing the real estate market for Halsted and Division streets, the very center of Chicago’s hottest piece of property. This neighborhood has also seen a hike in tax assessments by 48% this year. It is anyone’s guess as to how realtor’s will deal with inflated pricing, as residents are likely to still enjoy the premier section of the city. It is clear that some may migrate due the increasingly rising expenses within the area.

This news comes as a surprise to those in the finance industry who believe this to be biggest average increase in residential property values in the Cook County recently completed reassessment. This also comes on the heels of Emanuel’s higher tax rate proposal, being approved in late October. It seems as a disadvantageous time for homeowners who reside near the CTA’s North and Clybourn Red Line stop, known in the assessor’s parlance as North Township 013.

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