Cancer Treatment Center Clinical Pathways For Patients

Clinical Pathways was recently launched through collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Nanthealth and Allscripts. This is extremely beneficial and promising news for practitioners and patients. The Clinical Pathways program holds the information of thousands of oncologists as well as ever updating cancer treatment options. This new program will help make the physicians clinical workflow seamless.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America patients now will be able to sit with their physicians and go through the new clinical pathways program. This program in-depth discusses treatment options, regiments and therapy for patients. The collection of up to date research provided helps to eliminate some of the guess work that physicians may have to make throughout the treatment process.

After a physician inputs all necessary patient data and the patient reviews treatment options, the clinical pathways program will become fully engaged and provide an extensive list of clinical functions. First it will provide a customized treatment plan that also covers the patients’ specific disease rate. Second it will provide the patient with in depth comparisons for their treatment options. These comparisons include the cost of treatment and delivery. Third, the clinical pathways program provides simple order; it is efficient and safe for patients to utilize. Fourth, a treatment plan will be fully mapped out for each patient so they are aware of the process, each step of the way. Fifth, clinical pathways provide up to date treatment options and drug reactions as well as typical response rates. Lastly, Clinical pathways will provide functionality with real time supporting data.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and currently has locations in Zion Illinois, Tulsa Oklahoma, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Goodyear Arizona and Newnan Georgia. Their corporate headquarters is in Boca Raton Florida and is a national non-profit cancer treatment network of hospitals.

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