Bringing the Treasures of the Earth to the People

Bernardo Chua is an individual who has the ability to see the future before it arrives. Mr. Chua is an individual who seems to have a mission of empowerment. He has been called a gentle spirit with a big heart. Mr. Chua is a powerful and humble person who is a leader and enjoys a life that has a genuine purpose.

The Father of Organo Gold Coffee
Mr. Chua is the founder of Organo Gold Coffee. He has been called the king of coffee. Mr. Chua is the CEO of this healthy coffee. He developed Organo Gold Coffee. His interest is in maximizing the benefit of this product. Wellness is incorporated into this brand. This coffee began when Bernardo was given a sample of ganoderma lucidum. This is an Asian herb. The herb is to ensure that the coffee is healthier. Bernardo created a coffee that is spreading around the world like wild fire.

Empowering People Through Coffee
Bernardo Chua believes that all people can seize the opportunity that Organo Gold provides. Mr. Chua is an exceptional marketer with an exceptional product. This is a man who believes in sharing the wealth of this coffee. He is not considered to be a man of greed. He has created a business opportunity for many people. He is a firm believer in family. He welcomes everyone into his business and treats each person as if they are his family. A warm and loving outcome has occurred within his Organo Gold Coffee company. He began this company in 2008. Interested in more Bernie Chua? Follow him on twitter!

A Man with a Mission
It appears that Bernardo Chua is a man with a powerful mission. Millions of people will endorse his coffee creation. He is also a man who many claim has the worlds best interest in his mind. His coffee creation is more than just an average cup.

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