Brian Bonar: The Undisputed King Of Finance

Scottsman Brian Bonar has taken the American financial industry by storm. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable and successful hedge fund manager in the game. He has an extensive background and currently sits on a number of company boards. Bonar has worked both in the U.S. and abroad. He has had partnerships with a variety of well-known corporations and has created many of his own. At the age of 54, Bonar says that although he has accomplished a lot in the industry, he still has a lot more to do and learn.

Bonar was born in Scotland and that is also where he went to college. He first attended Strathclyde University and received a degree in mechanical engineering. He went on to receive both his MBA and PhD. from Stafford University in England. It didn’t take long for Bonar to put his education to work. He got his start at Bezeir Systems, where he worked for two years. He went on to Dalrada Corporation and worked as a marketing strategist. Bonar continued to work at many companies and in a number of positions. He has a long partnership with IBM Global, which has lasted to this day.

Bonar currently holds the position of CEO at Dalarada Corporation. He and his team help a number of companies bridge gaps between the administration and employees. He also holds the position of CEO with Trucept-Inc., which is a large software company. When Bonar isn’t working for the good of his companies, he is often in demand as consultant or guest speaker. He has been published in a number of financial journals and interviewed by many magazines.

Bonar currently sits on the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Greater San Diego. He was recently honored with the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wickliff.

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