Bradesco President Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is One Of Leading Talents In The Brazilian Banking Industry

For the last eight years, Brazilian bank Bradesco has been fortunate to have banking enigma, Luiz Carlos Trabuco as its president. Having been in the banking industry for close to five decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most experienced and highly respected bank executives in the country. News organizations in the nation often seek his opinion when there are significant changes in the Brazilian economy. The vital role he plays as the president of the second-largest private bank in Brazil has also seen him receive invitations to speak at international forums such as the World Economic Forum.

At Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco oversees significant capital and human resources. The bank’s value runs well into the hundreds of millions and competently serves tens of millions of customers. It also has some subsidiaries including the largest insurance company in the country, Bradesco Seguros according to Given the size of the Bradesco brand and the competitiveness of the Brazilian banking industry, bank executives have to be consistently innovative and strategic in the decision making. Fortunately for Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is as innovative as they come.

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A look through Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s history at Bradesco shows that he has been effective at every position he has been appointed to – right from being a clerk to a president. However, the position that first allowed him to express his managerial and innovative excellence freely was the presidency of Bradesco Seguros. He was appointed to the position in 2003 following a four-year stint as the insurer’s vice president. With Bradesco Seguros already the most substantial industry player at the time of his appointment, he would have been forgiven for continuing with the traditional approach used by his predecessor. However, since he was looking to grow the company even further, he decided to mix it up a bit. Soon after taking over as president, he decided to expand the company’s network of brokers according to Consequently, the insurer was able to significantly increase the number of its premium products being sold in the market. The net effect of this strategy by the time he was leaving the insurer six later was a healthy market share of 25 percent. Equally, the assets held by the insurer also grew by more than 100 percent from R$ 32 billion to R$ 78 billion over the course of his tenure. Not only was Bradesco Seguros undisputedly the largest insurance company in the region by the time Luiz Carlos Trabuco was leaving, but it was also Bradesco’s most important subsidiary.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always seemed destined to become the president of Bradesco. The multitude of roles he has held at the bank since he joined in 1969 provided him with a keen understanding of almost all facets of banking.

Consequently, as his legendary predecessor, Marcio Cypriano was approaching retirement in March 2009, the Bradesco board did not take long to settle on Luiz Carlos Trabuco. In fact, ten years earlier, Mr. Trabuco had been one of those candidates that had run Marcio Cypriano close when he was appointed the president. He began his tenure at Bradesco with the same zeal that he had at Bradesco Seguros and quickly set about adding over 200 new branches organically in 2009. Since then, he has added thousands of more branches with bank’s total branch network standing at about 5,500 offices.

Arguably one of the most endearing qualities of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is his loyalty. He has been working at Bradesco for close to five decades despite being offered more prominent positions a number of times. The biggest offer he has turned down for Bradesco thus far is that of heading up the Brazilian ministry of finance.

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