Boraie Rolls up Its Sleaves

There is good news on the horizon for Atlantic City, and it could not have come at a better time. The good news is a 250 unit apartment complex that has plans to be up and running by the Summer of 2018. This is the first market-rate project to hit Atlantic City and more than 25 years.

This is such an exciting building that the Press of Atlantic City is keeping a close eye on it. As a matter of fact, they tour the site with Boraie Development LLC. The Beach South Inlet is an impressive project with a 81 million dollar budget attached to it. Its location is equally impressive, as the apartments sit on the boundaries of Connecticut, New Jersey, Pacific and Atlantic Avenue.

According to Patch, this is a welcome addition to the 50,000 residents who already live within this popular resort town. This building project is indicative of the city’s growth, after about 10 years in decline. This downturn in the economy is due to new casinos being put up in the surrounding states. However, since there is now a right-sizing of the market due to closings, circumstances are primed for new development in Atlantic City. This is true not just for the casino and gaming industry but for staples and institutions as well such as the Atlantic City Gateway project.

This adds a sense of stability to the area and encourages more growth such as the South Beach Inlet. It’s about more than just having a crown jewel, so to speak, in the region community. This is about raising the standard of living and bringing modern housing for the area in stock. A new generation of renter’s expect more from their apartment complexes. And, this company knows how to provide these amenities such as pools, gyms and resident lounges. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The fact that Atlantic City has a population where 60 percent of its residents is made up of residents over the age of 40 means renovations are welcome. Seasoned renters tend to stay put more often, and they generally have a better a idea of market value on property. They also tend to have higher standards when it comes to things that really matter in life. That’s why Boraie Development LLC owned by Sam Boraie is a perfect fit for the up-and-coming projects in Atlantic City.

Their focus is not just on building a establishment and throwing whoever comes first into it. They focus on all aspects of realty such as development, marketing and sales. This brings an air of dedication to their services that every city needs when throwing up numerous high-quality apartments.

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