Beneful Enhancing Dog Parks Everywhere

Beneful dog just recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary of their Dream Dog Park program of theirs, and they have taken the time to help support other projects. They started in Juhe and have helped start new crowd funding campaigns to help within the community and bring new dog parks. Beneful themselves have been helping out to create the campaigns and have been working with different leads in the community and groups to help create and improve dog parks through financial support, volunteering, and other professionals and executives. Beneful knows that there is a special place where the dog owners and their dogs can spend quality time with each other. They have used their park to help create a special place for owners and their dogs, but Beneful wants to expand what they have and can do by creating places for more people to come together. Throughout the last four years, they have transformed four little dog parks and expanded and improved them. Now they are taking it to the next level and bringing their expertise to more people and more opportunities. The story was originally mentioned on PRNewsWire, and the story an contineud to e shared one shared throughout different media outlets. The brand has helped numerous dog parks and local communities with their charitable efforts to help with dogs and their owners. Dog parks play a special role in helping everybody connect with their lets just a little bit more and really spend some quality time while getting in some exercise. Their local contests and ongoing events to help enhance dog parks throughout the nation are bringing awareness to the need for more dog parks in different cities and locations. Beneful has been working long and hard at enhancing this entire experience by going the extra mile on raising funds.

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