Benefits Of Medicare Advantage Plans As Provided By Companies Like InnovaCare Health

Quality and affordable health is crucial for any individual. As the quality of health care improves, the costs associated with the same continue to increase. For this reason, the federal government teamed up with other stakeholders to come up with the Medicare Advantage plans. This new health cover ensures that every citizen in the United States can enjoy quality health regardless of his or her financial background. In the partnership, hospitals and medical professionals are paid for their services by private insurance companies that are charged with the duty of selling the plans to the public.

When an individual switches from the Original Medicare to the new Medicare Advantage plans, he or she continues to enjoy all the benefits provided by Part A and Part B covers. Part A is a cover for inpatient care. Part B caters for outpatient care. However, the new plan also provides additional benefits such as vision, dental, and hearing care. This is a great improvement in terms of Medicare benefits.

Medicare Advantage Plans has numerous plans. The most common ones are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs) and Provider Fee For Service (PFFS) plans. The exact benefits provided by each cover vary. To this end, an individual need to read thoroughly through the plans in order to know the right plan based on his or her needs.

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The costs and restrictions for the new cover are also different from those of the Original Medicare. For each office visit, one pays $15. However, the premium charged is similar to the previous ones. One may pay an extra premium depending on the benefits that he or she accrues. Unlike the Original Medicare that catered for services from all doctors and hospitals in the US, the Medicare Advantage Plan has specific hospitals and physicians that one can visit.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health in an American company, which specializes in providing managed healthcare services in North America. InnovaCare provides its clients with tailored Medicare Advantage benefits, thus making it the preferred provider by many Americans. In undertaking its duties, the company is guided by virtue of professional integrity.

Quality leadership at InnovaCare has being critical to its success. The stewardship of the firm includes experienced and qualified leaders such as Rick Shinto, M.D., and Penelope Kokkinides. With Penelope Kokkinides, the two are the company’s CEO and chief administrative officer respectively. Under their leadership, the company has managed to render high-quality services to its vast clientele. Apart from Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare also provides hospitals and clinics with Provider Network solutions.

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