A Safe Place for the 99% to Invest

In a country where the 1% run the show, who looks out for the financial futures and investments of the other 99%? Brad Reifler has made it his mission to open up avenues of investments to the middle class formerly open only the “accredited elite”. That is, those individuals with incomes of $200,000 per year or more and corporations. After losing much of the college fund he invested for his own two daughters, Brad realized that the middle class was entirely overlooked in many arenas of investment where returns come with a higher rate of success.

Reifler had another eye-opening experience when his father-in-law, who had owned an RV repair shop for three decades, gave him his savings to invest. It was discovered that many doors of investment were closed to his father-in-law because he wasn’t one of the “accredited” investors. It was at that point that Brad Reifler became determined to open up a public fund that anybody, regardless of wealth or class, could invest in.

As the founder of Forefront Capital Management, Brad was in a unique position to make sure his mission became a reality. Now anybody with even a small amount of cash to invest can do so and watch their financial future become secure. With over three decades of experience in the investment market, Brad is in a position to look out for the little guys that make up the 99%, and that’s exactly what he plans to continue doing.

Many of these non-accredited investors were hesitant after 2008’s financial crisis. Many of those fears stemmed simply from a lack of knowledge about the financial industry. Brad has been quoted as saying he feels that it is his responsibility to create transparency in the industry, and create a safe place for all people to invest. He’s looking to bridge the gap, and this directs much of what he does in his day-to-day job, so that Forefront can bee seen as a safe place to invest with.

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