A Hand Up, Not a Handout

There is a saying that perfectly depicts what it should look like when you look down on someone. “The only time you should look down on someone is when you are giving them a hand up.” For one homeless man, instead of extending his hand down to help someone, he extended his hand over. One step that can be taken to break the chain of homelessness, is finding a good and stable job. With most of the world being based in technology, people who do not have access to stable internet will have a hard time filling out job applications. Most homeless shelters lack internet connection because their main goal is to shelter and feed the homeless. Darcel Jackson used his computer skills to equip his homeless shelter to the Internet. Jackson sought the help of a tech company CEO, who at first mocked the homeless community, but in the end saw the potential that these people have. Jackson was awarded a $6,000 grant and they got the local cable and internet provider to access the homeless shelter to the World Wide Web. In 2011, Congress made it a basic human right to have access to the Internet. Some people like Ricardo Guimarães who are unaware of the homeless plight think that Internet access is a luxury. For Jackson, it is the only way for him to communicate with his 8 year old son. Jackson’s actions are not going unnoticed. Seattle is experiencing a rise in homeless citizens. The city is currently debating on whether or not they should equip homeless shelters with internet access. If they do, they will be opening up a world of possibilities for people with endless potential.

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