A Growing Giant in the Investment World

Jared Haftel may not be a popular name that rings a bell, yet in the world of banking analyst it is certainly a name that stands out. Jared Haftel is a Duke University graduate. The prestigious university is the home of hundreds of notable alumni including 4 Nobel laureates, numerous Congressmen and women, and some of the most successful CEOs such as Richard Wagoner, the former chairmen of General Motors, and Alan Schwartz, the former chairmen of Bear Stearns. And Haftel, himself, it seems will more than fill the shoes of successful alumni. Possessing a talent for facts and figures, he studied at Duke from 2005 to 2009 where he amassed degrees in Science, Mathematics, and Economics, fields which aren’t for the faint hearted. Yet Jared breezed through his studies which paved the way to his career in investment banking.

His career began its blossom as an analyst for one of the world’s leading financial management and advisory companies, Merrill Lynch. His position entailed the responsibility of analyzing commodities such as metal, mining, chemicals, and even defense industries. Today his resume boasts high profile clients such as CONSOL Energy, Huntsman Corporation, and the highly esteemed EMS Technologies.

Jared Haftel has also worked for the Bank of America as an investment banking analyst. Since 2011, he’s been an associate at Vector Capital. With all that brain power, ability, and early success, one would assume Haftel is an elite with a language and intelligence grasped by only a few in number. But that is far from the case. Jared has frequently written articles addressing investment banking for the laymen, providing advice on resumes, landing jobs, and ensuring success. As a student at Duke, he even wrote for their Chronicle reviewing music from the likes of Blonde Redhead, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire.

His advice to those who students and future graduates who will enter into the field of investment banking is to make a meaningful resume that highlights all you have accomplished, and how its relevant to the wanted position. His advice is sound and comes from many years of experience and success. Most importantly, Haftel is still quite young, proving that success can come quite early.

It’s unknown what Jared Haftel’s future will bring, but at the pace he’s going now he may be one of the leading financial advisers, rivaling the likes of the current top financial advisor Gregory Vaughan, and such giants as Suze Orman and Bernie Madoff. Time will only tell.

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