A Big Quarter Three for James Dondero

The investment firm known as Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly statements with the SEC to reveal its investment holdings. Last quarter, Highland Capital Management possessed over 3 billion dollars in assets with its hedge fund. Despite the high amount in assets, this was an overall decrease of well over 1 billion dollars from the previous quarter. This overall holding amount is only 22% of the firms assets which has been revealed from numerous sources. In order to keep up with financial trends and stay competitive, Highland Capital Management acquired new positions with a number of financial transactions. The firm acquired holdings with Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call)(SPY) which has a total asset value of 67 million dollars. Overall the firm purchased a total of 69 new stocks during the past quarter.

As well as getting new positions, Highland Capital Management also increased its holdings in the ever thriving information technology sector. In fact the firm raised its holdings from 16 to 18 percent in this particular sector. While the firm has acquired a number of stock holdings, it has also sold some as well to offset its recent changes. In all the firm has holdings in five companies which make up a large percentage of its hedge fund. The holdings include companies such as American Airlines, Salesforce, American Express, Loral Space and Ishares TR (PUT).

Jim Dondero is the owner and founder of Highland Capital Managment. He has owned and run the firm since it inception in the year 1993. During the last 20 plus years, Jim has made Highland Capital Management among the top investment firms in the world. It specializes in a number of financial activities such as hedge funds, wealth management, equities and collateralized loan obligations. It also has a worldwide presence with office locations in New York City, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. James has become a financial firm owner who has provided clients with a number of ways to best manage their money as well as providing leadership in this very important sector of the economy.

Dondero first studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia and graduated with top honors. He would then get his first job as a trainee at an investment firm. After his initial experience he would then become the chief investment officer which allowed him to get significant experience managing billions of dollars in assets.

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