The Uprise of Digital Advertising in Brazil

Digital advertising has come a long way in Brazil, and it has now become one of the most popular advertising methods. As of 2013, it was ascertained that about 100 million Brazilians were digital. That is to mean that they were using digital devices including laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones, had access to the internet and were actively using social media platforms. Today, the online user-base has incredibly increased with a promising exponential growth in future. Brazilian companies are grasping this new opportunity to their advantage. They are transforming the data to actionable information and incorporating it into their business strategy.

Use of mobile phone applications grew by a stunning 76% from 2013 to 2014. This followed a dramatic growth of smart phone penetration by 43%. Mobile apps for shopping were the most utilized apps in 2014. Programmatic media is another upcoming digital advertising strategy taking Brazil by storm. Although TV is still the number one advertising platform in Brazil, it has been reported that about 38% of Facebook users in Brazil are on their Facebook while watching TV. Therefore, many companies are trying to coordinate their TV ads with social media campaigns.

CypressAssociates says that YouTube is also a growing advertising tool for businesses in Brazil. Many Brazilian stars have made it to fame through YouTube. Brands have also made viable efforts to seize the opportunity of YouTube advertising. Several companies have actually done it successfully. Content delivery is a great benefit that has come along with digital advertising. Companies can now deliver more relevant content to their target markets. This is contrary to traditional advertising methods where the same message had to be passed to everyone across the country. Social media has offered a good channel for social sharing. Customers can now share their experiences with a product or service. This is of great importance to companies since they can improve their products or services.

As advertising experiences a paradigm shift in Brazil, some advertising agencies are making a fortune out of it. Claudio Loureiro, a founding partner of Heads, has made the agency rise to the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil. He has been a great contributor of advertising innovation not only in his agency, but also in the country. He has also brought on board some great advertising professionals such as Woody Allen, a factor that has greatly boosted the success of the company.

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