Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years In The Sphere of Silence

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Vijay Eswaran is reported by PR Newswire to use an ancient yoga technique known as mouna to center his life and make sure he remains free of the stresses that affect the lives ofal most everybody. Being brought up in the Hindu religious tradition means Vijay has been influenced by the leadership and social values of the religion, a set of values that Vijay has used to make his successful business career a bright light in the world of industry.

As the co-founder of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful businessmen in Malaysia, with the QI Group expanding from a localized business to a global organization. Despite his large successes, Eswaran has also used the techniques in his book In The Sphere of Silence to maintain a humble and balanced outlook on life that helps him find an inner happiness. Everybody in the World is affected by the long term stresses and problems of modern life, from climate change to digital distractions the use of Eswaran’s yoga based techniques is something everybody can benefit from in the modern world.

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  1. The full press release based on the tenth anniversary of Vijay Eswaran’s In The Sphere of Silence is also available. Just how do you find happiness and humility in a modern world filled with stress and issues about the future path of humankind. It could go a long way for to have dealings with these ones.

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