The Founder of MB2 Dental: Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Journey in Cultivating Culture

MB2 dental is a company that was founded by the famous Dr. Chris Villanueza. The practitioner has a vision of promoting the dentistry departments. He has worked for so many years and happens to be an associate dentist trainer, mentor and a dentist, dental director, etc. Dr. Villanueza is passionate about mentoring and educating new dentists. He was born in a city called Ohio but has spent most of his younger life in South America and Asia. He went to Caracas high school which is located in Venezuela. He is also married to a physician called Carol. She is based in Texas and they are the parents of four children.

Dr. Villanueva happens to focus his services on professionalism. He is always keen on bringing out the best through his love and passion for the career. He formed MB2 Dental so that he could be able to assist dental practitioners with the respect and professionalism deserved. The company’s going concern is very certain according to the efforts applied by the management of the company. It has been able to have employed more than 533 employees. It has also been able to support over 60 practitioners across 6 states. The company has really developed to greater heights and has in no doubts helped so many dentists realize their potential.

Dr. Villanueva says that it is not about profit margins but rather it’s all about inspiring the professionals. It is about bringing new things to that field. The company focusses on personal growth, autonomy, support and also about fun together. The company MB2 mission is to help make improvements that will benefit the patients involved. His aim is just to make the practice better and more competitive. Through the innovations introduced by the company, there happens to be an increased standard of operation and had also facilitated business growth.

Dr. Villanueza says that he formed MB2 Dental solutions after he graduated from college. He only had 2 options. To look for a job at a dentist shop or to either start a private dental center. It was the easiest compared to the first option. There was the pride of ownership and also less bureaucracy. He says that the company’s growth has been as a result of giving his employees an opportunity to serve and work independently. He believes in giving them space to work. He is a professional business manager and happens to be a very successful and possess a lot of skills and knowledge in the field.

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