The Executive Leader in Transport Industry, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera established the Customs Cares Charities. Perry is an executive in the transport industry. He has a strong dedication to helping other, church and family. Mr. Mandera also has a sports passion. In 1975, Perry graduated from high school. Right away, he joined the US Marine Corps Reserves (Blogwebpedia). During his service at the marine, Perry learned how to drive a truck in his duty tour. The tour made Perry develop a desire to work in a transport company. Mr. Mandera was discharged honorably from the Marine Corps. He came back home into civilian life.

Perry Mandera involved himself in several transportation companies. This helped him to gain more knowledge about transportation business. Perry started his transport company at the age of 23. However, in 1985 Perry sold his company due to an interest in politics. The interest in politics pushed him into serving as a committeeman in a Republican ward in Chicago. During that time, Perry was the youngest elected member to take up that office.

Perry founded the Customs Companies Inc. in February 1986. Currently, the Customs Companies Inc. provides transport solutions to thousands of both family owned to international companies. The company’s yearly sales surpass 200 million dollars. The Customs Companies Inc’s main offices are in Northlake, IL. The company has agents and other offices across American cities.

Perry Mandera was among the”Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”. The event is organized by the Illinois Transport Association. On behalf of the company and himself, Perry Mandera has committed his financial resources and energy to several charitable facilities through donations. Particularly, Perry donates more to youth and children organizations. Additionally, Perry donates toward veterans programs and cancer prevention and cures initiatives.

Today, Perry Mandera is proud that his company has been able to offer relief to 2013 tornado victims. The company donated supplies and transport services to victims and families during that time. Mr. Mandera continues to offer support to families and victims affected by natural disasters through donations. Mr. Mandera has two children. He is fully involved in the lives of his kids as well as their schooling and sports programs.


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