Stream Energy And The New Addition To Its Sales Team

DALLAS- January 30, 2017 – Stream, which is formerly called Stream Energy, is today’s leading direct selling company that provides quality connected life services to various energy markets. In its latest press release, it was reported that the company recently celebrated its expansion in the Illinois market, particularly at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

The celebration was a marked symbol of the passion and perseverance of the salesforce under Stream’s management. The company’s workforce in sales are all independent associates and went to the launch with fun and enthusiastic spirits. They enjoyed a whole day of personal development training, business seminar and company updates regarding where Stream was going with its vision. The celebration was also when the latest addition to their team was announced, which was Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher.


The Founding Leader

You probably already know that Steve Fisher is Steam’s founding leader and has been the strongarm of the company’s series of independent sales associates. Under his leadership, Stream has grown to its highest performance and has been rated by many reviewers to be at its best. As the company’s chief sales officer, it is part of his job to oversee the activities that have to do with Steam’s field of tasks and operations. It is also under the jurisdiction of Mr. Steve Fisher to handle the training compensation of the independent sales agents. With his patience and perseverance, he’s able to provide training to those who badly need his support. This won’t be hard to do because he’s going to be assisted by Stream’s new Senior Vice President Ryan Morris, whose position and role in the company was announced at the launch event.

With Morris involvement in the company, there are more changes in Stream’s ability to deliver well-researched products at the quickest time possible. There’s little wonder that he’s the man who was able to get the highest level position in record time. It is the hope of the shareholders of Stream that the new officers in the team will make the company grow to unimaginable heights. The expertise of the two new additions will help ensure that the future of Stream will be in the right sustained direction.

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