Sheldon Lavin Plays a Major Role in the Global Expansion of OSI Group

When it comes to business, identifying potential is a crucial aspect. Nevertheless, you may start a business, and you may be surprised by the manner in which your business has grown. Regarding the growth of a business of OSI Group will form our main point of focus.

Background Data

The service industry is an important aspect since the beginning of time. As for OSI Group, it was founded in the early 20th century by one Otto Kolschowsky. A business that started out as a mere butchery is one of the leading food providers worldwide. All in all, Otto Kolschowsky was among the German immigrants who settled in Chicago, Illinois back in the day. Since he had to make ends meet, he opted to start out by launching a butcher shop that in turn served a large population in Chicago, Illinois. With time, business picked up, and Otto Kolschowsky even expanded his operation to Maywood, a Chicago Suburb. After some years, the business became family based, hence the rebranding to Otto & Sons in 1928.

Additional Information

While expanding the family business, Otto & Sons, in turn, allied with another upcoming family business that was known as McDonald’s. Ray Kroc was the man who founded the first McDonald’s restaurant, and he later acquired the whole business entity. Since McDonald’s and Otto & Sons had entered into an agreement, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky were tasked with supplying freshly ground beef to the restaurant. Such a partnership was quite remarkable since the demand for freshly ground beef by the McDonald’s restaurant would lead to the incredible growth of the Otto & Sons Corporation. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Technological Advancements Come Into Play

The McDonald’s enterprise was expanding at an unimaginable rate. As the restaurant grew, the demand for freshly ground beef also increased. However, one hurdle presented itself- maintaining the freshness of the meat while transporting it for long distances. There and then, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky- Arthur and Henry had to find a solution to the current predicament. Fortunately, technological advancements came in handy, and liquid nitrogen came about as a solution to their problems. The liquid nitrogen could be used to freeze food instantly. As a result, Otto & Sons could transport food products over long distances while still maintaining the mark of quality and freshness.

Sheldon Lavin Comes into Play

As Otto & Sons was expanding day in day out, the leadership mantles had to be shifted to more able leaders who would ensure that the company would run as usual. With that said, Sheldon Lavin joined in as a partner of Otto & Sons in 1975. With time, the global expansion and the exemplary leadership skills of Sheldon Lavin rendered him being appointed as the CEO of the company that was later named OSI Group. As a leader who has always had a passion for serving diligently, Sheldon Lavin has played a significant role in the global expansion and stability of OSI Group over the years.

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