Securus Technologies – Saving Lives with Advanced Investigative Technology

Securus Technologies has for years been a leader in the inmate communication space, and rightly so. The company doesn’t only provide superior inmate communication services but also backs it up with high-quality and attentive customer service. The company also won in 2016 the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team. It showcases the fact that Securus Technologies is highly dedicated to providing its clients with services that give them value for money and all the reasons to trust. Securus Technologies has recently announced that the company has spent over $600 million in the last few years to upgrade its range of services and for patent acquisition.


Such endeavors by Securus Technologies have helped in uplifting the name of the company in the industry in ways more than one. The company is trusted by millions of inmates across the country, and over two thousand law enforcement agencies use the investigative and crime prevention technology offered by Securus Technologies. The company has played a significant role in ensuring that the law enforcement agencies get the technology they need to keep a watch on the criminals and substantially reduce the crime rate in the community. Such technology has helped over the years to save hundreds and thousands of lives as well.


Securus Technologies has helped many officers to do their duties efficiently. It is because such cutting edge investigative technology plays a vital role in providing the officers with the added confidence as well as a layer of security when acting against the hostile criminals. Many factors have collectively worked in making Securus Technologies, one of the leading firms in the industry. Securus Technologies has ensured that it continues to find new ways to build better technology and offer better services, and also has a technology center located in Dallas, Texas, for the purpose.


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