Securus Customers Decide Technology Through Comment Forum

There are a lot of people who have decided the cost of inmate calls has led to them being disconnected from their love ones when they’re serving time. The proud Securus Technologies family offers their customers a stabilized calling network which allows you to stay connected over a stable line and one with rates compared $2 to $1 to other providers. You’ll be glad to be a part of a network who encourages customercfeedback with an interactive forum listed directly on their website. Their customers at Securus help initiate services and features along with the opportunity to refer services to other users.


How Securus Technologies Got Their Start


Securus is proud to say they got their start as a network regulator of other networks. They have superior monitoring over other networks like Global Tel-Link. They’re well known throughout the industry for expert surveillance and telecommunications security. Securus has used the same technology to integrate service for their customers. You can visit their descriptive tabs on their website and find exclusive promotional offers for first-time users. They currently have over 346,000+ customers nationwide and growing. Get signature inmate calling with Securus Technologies and truly stay connected when it matters most.


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