Sahm Adrangi Investor of the New Era

Associated in the development of firm Cerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Sahm Adrangi serves as founder and chief investment officer since 2009. Earning a bachelor degree in economics at Yale University. Mr. Adrangi proved himself to be a skilled businessman and analyst. As The firm currently manages 150 million. Sahm Adrangi launched Cerris Capital Management with under 1 million.

Best known for his expertise in short selling and publishing research. , Mr. Adrangi made a name for himself by shorting and exposing fraudulent Chinese companies who listed as US-base in 2010 and 2011. Misunderstood by the market. Mr. Adrangi share his firms view on stocks, such as overhyped shorts and under-followed longs. In seeking to broadly correct the misconception of primary business prospects, Mr. Adrangi shares his research on Cerrisdale website and variety of companies and industries, such as mining, biotechnology and telecommunications. By creating an exact picture market. Mr. Adrangi helped investors and organizations of Wall Street make the right decisions in investing for profitable gain.

Limiting Cerrisdale expertise in those sectors. Allows the firm to have dense authority in and out of those industries and leverage as a leading research investment business. Sahm Adrangi worked for companies previously, such as Deutsch Bank, Longacre Management and Channin Capital partners. Sahm Adrangi came to be an activist towards the investment sector and became a speaker at conferences, seminars, student bodies, interviews and have written articles for publications.

As financial investment can be quite lucrative, but it can also be unmanageable. Sahm Adrangi and Cerrisdale Capital Management continue to rise and stay profitable in the investment sector by placing bets towards other businesses and major alternative investments. For the past couple of years The Corporation has raise the annual profit by 28 percent. With over a decade in expertise of financial investment. As a retired investor, Sahm Adrangi remains to be the leading institutional chief investment officer of today’s generation

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