Put Some “Scandal” In Your Daily Routine

Lime Crime’s “Scandal” lip color lives up to it’s name. This perfectly plum shade, released in January of this year, is the newest in an already impressive line. Lime Crime’s velvetines are said to be inspired by their CEO, Doe Deere’s love of the red rose. In fact, according to the website, Ms. Deere would “paste rose petals on her lips” as a child. If this alone is not enough to spark your interest, the new color will. “Scandal” is a purple-violet-plum mixture with dark tones. It could be used in several versatile stylings.

Whether you are going for a punk-rock or modern and chic, this is an ideal color. Lime Crime’s matte velvetines are all no bleed and no transfer and, to top it off, they are cruelty free and vegan. For those of you who have trouble with matte lip colors running, the Lime Crime website has a cheap and easy solution. Simply apply a clear gloss before, allow it to dry, or dab dry before applying the “Scandal”. Youtuber, Stephanie Nicole reviewed the product and found that the color lasted more than 8 hours.

She demonstrated drinking from straws, and lightly rubbing the edges and in all these scenarios, “Scandal” stood strong. There were no clumps or crumpled edges. Plus the color looked the same as when it was first applied. The Lime Crime website sales all their velvetine matte lip colors at $20.00 per tube. The price seems a little high, however if you wear lip color daily and need something that will hold up to it’s longwear title, these products are definitely worth the money. “Scandal” is the perfect color for anyone wanting to add a little drama to their makeup routine without going overboard. It could easily be paired with similar nail lacquer and eye shadow for an even more dramatic look or ditch the drama and go for a more elegant but modern look by pairing with minimal makeup.

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