Perry Mandera – Leading a Life of Service

Perry Mandera has achieved many great accomplishments throughout his long and distinguished professional career. He has led a life of service by serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, creating a transportation company that serves thousands of customers, and by regularly giving back to the community through charitable donations. Much can be learned from Perry Mandera by any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break out of the average nine to five lifestyle in order to make a difference in the world.


Custom Companies Inc.

Perry founded Custom Companies Inc in 1986 after driving trucks in the Marine Corps and working with other trucking companies for a period of time. For over 30 years, Custom Companies have been a leader in the transportation industry through the use of carefully planned growth strategies and by following best practices for documentation of customer interactions.


Each driver follows exact company procedures when delivering goods to customers by using a bill of lading or BoL. A BoL serves the purpose of providing proof of receipt of undamaged goods as well as a document title to the goods being received. BoLs are also used for legal documentation for services performed in the case of any legal action against the company.


Charitable Efforts

Perry Mandera has made many contributions to multiple charities in the Chicago area. His love for giving back to the community led to the creation of his very own charitable organization, Custom Cares Charities. Custom Cares has a stellar reputation when it comes to helping those in need. They routinely donate necessities such as winter coats to thousands of families in need during the harsh Chicago winter months. They have also provided relief to many Americans after natural disasters, most notably Hurricane Katrina, by sending truckloads of food and water to various destinations that were destroyed by the devastating storm.


Continued Success in 2018 and Beyond

Perry Mandera and his company look to continue the trend of continual growth and success in 2018 through a business model that focuses on providing excellence in customer service and giving back to the community. Whether you are in need of top-notch transportation services or want assistance with donations to a charitable organization, Perry Mandera, and Custom Companies Inc has you covered.


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