Beneful Benefits for Dogs

Beneful is a brand of dog food products by Nestle Purina Petcare. They provide twenty different varieties of dog food like dry, wet or canned dog food, and dog treats. Beneful is served worldwide. The put posters in Germany that had a smell in order to draw in the interest of dogs. They started airing television ads in Austria that had high pitched noises from dogs that only other dogs could hear to get a reaction.

In 2005, Beneful was the first dog food brand to offer soy in their products instead of meat. Other healthy options they offer are veggie filled dog food as well. They also offered resealable, multipurpose packaging, where it turns into a food bowl for the dog. It’s the fourth most popular dog food brand, since 2012, bringing in more than 1.5 billion dollars annually. It was first introduced to the market in 2001. Beneful won the Pack Expo Selects Award. Purina makes sure to provide good quality products. They are all about the safety and the health of pets all over the world. Beneful is made in a Purina facility. They take have strict standards in order to meet and exceed federal law requirements. They perform 30,000 quality checks.

Beneful meaning stands for “full of goodness.” It was marketed as being nutritious and the appearance, resembling stew with beef pieces. They provide proteins that contain beef, chicken, lamb, and chicken. Even though they offer a healthy alternative to wet dog food options, they have a good response from their dog consumers. Treat your pet to Beneful today! They will love you even more!

Entrepreneur Chris Burch Develops Top Resort

Chris Burch is one of the top entrepreneurs in the United States who has been involved in the fashion and real estate industries. After acquiring a number of properties during his lifetime, he looked to get an international resort. He would team up with hotelier James McBride to acquire a hostel located in the Indonesian island of Sumba. After investing up to $39 million into the property, Burch helped build the hostel into a five star resort and named it Nihiwatu in 2015. Within one year of its establishment, the resort would be named as the best in the world by Travel & Leisure, more of this on   It would also become yet another key addition to Burch’s long list of valuable assets of his overall wealth.

In an interview, Chris talked about the Nihiwatu resort, for the interview, check on One of the things he stated in the interview was that he bought this resort for his children. He is looking to give this to them as a gift and allow them to possess a valuable asset. Another thing he said was that the resort was purchased as a way of giving back to the community. Burch believes that the resort will provide a number of people with a pleasant place to visit on a regular basis. Along with providing an asset to his family and the community as a whole, Chris also said that the resort has turned out to be a much better quality property than he ever envisioned. With butlers and every room and spas under waterfalls, Chris says that the resort provide a number of unique luxuries that you can’t get anywhere else.

The career of Chris Burch has been a very successful one in business. He founded his own fashion company that specialized in selling preppy sweaters. Before he started up this company, he would purchase low cost sweaters and then sell them to fellow students when he was in college. Burch would later become the co chairman of another fashion company called Tory Burch.

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His success in the fashion industry would lead him to pursue other ventures such as real estate. Burch began investing in real estate by acquiring a property in Buenos Aires Argentina and converting it into a hotel. Chris would also develop another hotel property in South Beach as well. With these real estate holdings, Chris Burch became quite successful as a real estate investor.  This also helped enhance his wealth and allow him to become well established in the real estate industry. For recent timeline updates, hop over to

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Startup is Going to Change How We Treat Cancer

Tempus is a renown cancer-fighting startup that was started by Eric Lefkofsky. Eric wants to leave a mark in the field of oncology. He intends to avail information to doctors at the University of Chicago so that they can better fight breast cancer.

The startup which is located in Chicago has forged a strategic partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine that is aimed at providing solutions in the fight against breast cancer. Genetic and molecular information is imperative in the design of therapies that treat cancer. Tempus will provide molecular sequencing and analysis to the oncologists at the University of Chicago for the University to come up with more efficient treatment plans for patients. The molecular sequences and analysis shall be derived from 1,000 patients, and the information shall be used to discover patterns that can forecast how the patient will respond to therapies.

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer. In as much as that is the case, there is insufficient information on those patients who have had a history of the disease. This reality makes the physician’s jobs harder. They have to decide on what treatment to administer to their patients without the benefit of genetic information that could help them prescribe more effective therapies. Click here to know more.

Tempus uses cutting edge technologies in gathering genetic information from patients, and they provide doctors with this information available to doctors so that they can make more informed treatment decisions. Its partnership with the University of Chicago is one of the many relationships that Tempus has forged so as to provide solutions in the field of Oncology.

Eric Lefkofsky is a refined entrepreneur whose dream was bringing solutions to the people who are suffering from ailments such as cancer. He started Tempus in the year 2015. The company has its headquarters located at 600 W. Chicago. Tempus is not Lefkofsky’s only startup; he has also founded companies such as Groupon, Lightbank, and Drivin.

According to Forbes, Mr. Eric is worth a cumulative $ 1.81 billion. He made his money from the startup he founded in the year 2008. Lefkofsky was bred in the neighborhood of Detroit and earned his undergraduate degree in law from the University of Michigan.

Richtopia and Rise Rewards Adam Milstein Philanthropic Works

Adam Milstein was named as one of the 200 most prominent philanthropists in the world by Richtopia in collaboration with Rise. The ranking was based on social media accounts. Milstein was at position 187, based on his Facebook and Twitter account.


The list contained prominent and influential politicians such as Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Business leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Melinda and Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Eric Trump and great Philanthropists like Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Magic Johnson, J.K. Rowling, Arianna Huffington, and Ashton Kutcher were on the list.


Adam Milstein is the proprietor of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). In addition, he leads other Jewish organizations such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, and etcetera.


In his speech, Adam said that he was pleased to be included in a list containing many great people in the world. The most important and rewarding part of Adam’s life is philanthropy. He would not have attained the coveted crown without the help and coordination of his wife, Gila Milstein, the AIC, as well as other Jewish foundations that have partnered with him with an aim to make a difference in the world.


The operations at Milstein Foundation and guided by two main objectives; strengthening the Jewish community and their Homeland, Israel. The foundation has been able to achieve its goals through the implementation of active philanthropy, forming synergies between companies, and funding projects that are in line with their mission. Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation purposes to strengthen and safeguard the Jewish community and their state by encouraging the U.S.-Israel alliance, igniting Jewish pride in youths, as well as offering pro-Israel American with the skills and knowledge to advocate for Israel.


Adam Milstein was born and brought up in Haifa, Israel. He served the State of Israel during the Yom Kippur War when he was part of the Israeli Defence Forces. He studied at Technion and the University of California. Adam is a realtor and philanthropist. Currently, Milstein works with Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. His role in Hager Pacific Properties is to supervise disposition, financing, and accounting activities. Adam and Gila have three children.


Chris Burch’s Is Disrupting The Hospitality Industry As We Know It

Do you want to cool the summer heat on a sandy beach in a remote highland in Indonesia? Nihiwatu hotel in Sumba Island is your best option. The hotel gives its customers an experience like no other.

The hotel is aptly called the “Edge of Wilderness.” It is a brainchild of legendary businessman Chris Burch who built the hotel in partnership with his ally, hotelier James McBride. The two acquired the hotel that occupied the land where Nihiwatu was built in 2012. Over a period of 3 years, they refurbished the old hotel into the now tourists paradise, Nihiwatu. The cost of revamping it was $30 million, and it commenced operations in the year 2015.  Check this on

Chris Burch is an acclaimed businessman whose built household retail brands across the globe. He makes a debut in the hospitality sector with the Nihiwatu hotel project. Chris Burch’s business acumen has turned his name into an own brand.

With only one year in business, the hotel has already bagged the best hotel in the world award, hop over to for additional details.The hotel’s excellent facilities, its panoramic view of the ocean, and customer service made the hotel earn this award.

Chris Burch openly speaks about the reasons behind him venturing into the hospitality sector and specifically why he built Nihiwatu hotel. In an up close interview with Business Jet Traveler, he said that the hotel is a dedication to his children. He also hopes that the hotel can empower the communities living in the Sumba Island. The hotel is the top employer in the island A percentage of profits from the hotel are channeled to the Sumba Foundation, a charity that mobilizes resources to help develop projects for communities in Sumba Island.   The site, has additional info.

Chris Burch has his private home within the hotel. The house is called Raj Mandeka. Tourists can experience the ambiance and exclusivity of the house with its four villas and the main house.

The hotel has invested in a state-of-the-art wellness center that is home to some of the best yoga trainers. Guests also have the freedom of enrolling into private yoga sessions that are customized to each client’s needs.

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Chris Burch likes working with individuals who are disruptively gifted and strive to be masters of their trade. For instance in Bueno Aires, he took Faena Hotel and transformed it into one of the best holidays get away. This character has enabled him to soar to the heights of entrepreneurship.

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Dr. Clay Siegall Co-founder Seattle Genetics General Information


Clay Siegall is a co-founder of the Seattle Genetics, which he co-founded in 1998. He has risen ranks to being the company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Siegall, a Ph.D. holder, is a scientist by profession and training with a specialization on several cancer therapies. His vast scientific knowledge in combination with a passion for assisting cancer patients prompted Siegall to build Seattle Genetics based on scientific innovation and drug development practices. Clay Siegall has offered guidance to the company up to its current leadership position and also in the development of antibody-drug conjugates. Seattle Genetics, under Siegall’s leadership, has also collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical, and together they have been able to make the ADC drugs available in more than sixty-five countries.

From an interview conducted by Ideasmench, the following is learned from Clay Siegall. The idea for Seattle Genetics came about with the aim of helping cancer patient after Clay watched his father have cancer, which later killed him. He has a goal of treating cancer patients all over the world and ensuring that they do better. As an entrepreneur, Clay says that people should associate with smart people with different skills so as to learn as much as they can. According to him, collaborating with other industries and leaders is a strategy that has helped the company grow to global heights.

Clay Siegall has worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Research Institute for six years, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health. He has served as a Board of Director in different hospitals and institutions. Dr. Siegall has also received some awards for his contemporary work. He is an author by extension as he has fifteen patents and over seventy publications. Clay believes that with time, cancer drugs will be available to all cancer patients.


History and Success of a Southwestern HVAC Company Celebrating 78 Years, , Goettl Air


Goettl Air Conditioning has been one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. for over 78 years. This February 2017 is they celebrated their 78th birthday as the company inches closer to the century mark. Goettl Air was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1939 by the Goettl brothers. They had developed an efficent, interior cooling system that would battle the heat of the summers in the southwest, and established the company with that. The Goettl brothers produced over 100 patents in their lives.


It wasn’t until the 50s, after WWII that central air really caught on with the public, and within a few years, Goettl Air expanded in Arizona. They had acquired the reputation of having dedicated and loyal servicemen with premium parts and central air installation.


Ken Goodrich has been CEO and manager for over five years, and he is proud to follow in the Goettl’s footsteps. Goodrich has been reviving businesses throughout his career, so he was a perfect fit to take over the Goettl Air.


Goettl has been very successful in Arizona from the start and transitioned through many changes, including technology, new products, and management, but in 2015, Goettl was awarded the Best HVAC in Arizona.


Ken Goodrich has more plans for the Goettl family. The company consistently offers high-quality HVAC parts and new AC units as well as indoor air quality services and duct cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. Service centers in Arizona can be found in Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas and reach into the suburbs.


In 2016, Goodrich has been in the process of acquiring several AC companies in Nevada, expanding into Las Vegas. This enlarged the number of employees in the company and also the number of customers, while still maintaining excellent products and services.


Since 2015, Goodrich has inspired 500 percent growth every year in the company, and he has his eyes focused on more expansion in the future. He expects to take the AC market in Las Vegas like they did in Arizona being named the Best of Nevada. After that accomplishment, he plans on taking the company into California from San Francisco to San Diego, and scouts have already been sent to investigate the state for properties.


Goodrich told the media recently that from the west coast, he sees Goettl Air reaching across east and central U.S. Goettl is expanding rapidly; Happy 78th Anniversary Goettl Air Conditioning!








EOS Have Quickly Become a Lip Balm Leader

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has only been in business for around 7 years, and in this short time, the company has managed to virtually take over the lip balm industry. EOS is currently worth around $250 million, and the company sells approximately 1 million items each week. EOS is also the second bestselling lip balm in the United States.

EOS is known for its organic and natural lip balms in flavors like pomegranate raspberry, vanilla mint and acai berry and the balms are formulated with ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter to protect the lips and keep them smooth and moisturized. Sanjiv Mehra, one of the founders of EOS, says that now is the time to start letting consumers know a little more about the company, which is why information on EOS’ worth was finally released. Mehra also says that he wants to add a bit of luxury to the everyday lives of consumers, which is why EOS lip balm flavors and ingredients are so appealing. EOS lip balm appeared in large stores such as Kohls, Walmart and Ulta. It is also believed that EOS will lead the growth of the lip balm industry in the coming years. It is estimated that the lip balm market will be worth $2 billion by 2020.

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Talk Fusion Is Ready For You

A lot of people spend their time waiting, wondering, and hoping. They are hoping that something is going to come along and something is going to come along and change their lives. They feel as though they need it desperately. They are in a rut and they want to get out of it sooner rather than later. As human beings, we only have so much time on this planet. It is important to make the most of it and enjoy every single day and every single moment that is offered to us. If not, it is a wasted moment and that is a real shame.


Nobody wants to waste their lives and they do not want to waste a moment. They want to embrace life, live live, and get all they can out of it. They know that is what they were put on this earth to do, and they do not want to miss that chance. For a lot of people, they have kept hidden their feelings or their thoughts. They feel as though maybe no one would understand or someone would just tell them to suck it up and pull through it. As with most things in life, that is easier said than done.


With Talk Fusion, they understand people, they care about people, and they want to be there for people in every possible way. With their state of the art voice, data, and chat services, people can finally start being the person they always knew was inside of them but was a little scared to come out or had a hard time coming out. They can actually run their own business and see it grow, each and every single day thanks to Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


In fact, here is something that is sure to cheer a lot of people up and that is that Talk Fusion is offering 30-day free trials to new customers. This means they can get started right now and right away. They don’t have to wait another second or another minute to get their life on the right track.


The Life and Work of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is from the New Jersey city of New Brunswick where he works with a company called Boraie Development Properties. Other than this firm, the city is known for other big institutions such as Johnson and Johnson, the consumer product giant and Rutgers University which is one of the most prestigious universities in the state of New Jersey. Having been with the company for many years, 2016 was perhaps one of the most successful years for Sam Boraie as he managed to find new projects for the company in Atlantic City. At the same time, he was able to expand his role with the company as he was identified as the main executive of Boraie Development. Like any other crime and poverty ridden cities in the United States, Atlantic City had been struggling economically with people unable to pay mortgage and rent. However, projects by Sam Boraie are changing the outlook of the city, and people who might have left the city for economic reasons are choosing to come back. Also, the new projects by Sam Boraie are attracting investors into Atlantic City.

The firm that Sam Boraie works for was established many years ago by his father Omar Boraie who was a chemical engineering student from Egypt. His father saw the opportunity to grow a real estate business in the New Brunswick area, and he took it. 30 years later, the firm he founded is now run by his children including Sam Boraie. The siblings have an equal share in the company. The firm still maintains its headquarters in New Brunswick and employ hundreds of locals. As of today, Sam Boraie serves as one of the senior vice presidents of the company, and his responsibilities include advising the company on various issues such as finding new projects and handling sales issues. Click here to know more.

During his tenure as the vice president, some of the projects that the firm has being involved in include the construction of the 25 story building on the One Spring Street as well as the construction of a 238 unit project found near the New Brunswick Train Station. Sam Boraie does not concentrate his projects in the New Brunswick area alone as he also has projects in other cities within the state such as Atlantic City and Newark. Examples of projects in these towns include the Albany St. Plaza that is found in Newark as well as the Beach at South Inlet. These two projects have cost the company millions of dollars. However, they are highly valued and have high return prospects. Sam Boraie projects take care of investors, gamers, holiday makers as well as people looking for apartments to rent.

Sam Boraie spends some of his time helping the society. For instance, he serves as a board member of the State Theatre of New Jersey where he is known to make outsized donations. His latest donation includes a $650,000 cheque to be used for various purposes. He is also actively involved in another non-profitable organization called the Elijah Promise that devotes its time and resources to helping poor people in the New Brunswick region.