NGP VAN Provides Some Awesome Tips For The End Of Quarter

NGP VAN is dedicated to nonprofits, progressive causes, municipalities, and the Democratic Party. With each passing U.S. election, they are quickly becoming the software company of choice for all Democrat grassroots campaigns, causes, and activities. They are also great at organizing and offer some excellent advice, including the following campaign tips for organizing the end of a quarter:

1. Folks on the digital end of a campaign need to keep some emails handy for the end-of-quarter activities.

There is no questioning the fact this can be a stressful time when running a political campaign. Couple this with the fact that you are often sending out many emails to a client on a daily basis. What if you run out of things to say? This is why you need to keep some emails handy just for this ending period. You can include emails that discuss the current campaign strength, the average contribution, or you can even discuss some testimonials of why other people gave to the campaign. Along these same lines, one of the most popular emails to use during this time would be from a well-known political donor to the campaign.

2. Write content in advance.

If you have worked on many political campaigns, then you realize that you have to get literally everything approved. This includes content and other writing pieces. It can be stressful to get approvals at the last minute, so The simplest solution is just don’t. That’s right. Just don’t. Get all of your ending content approved well in advance, and your approval problem is solved.

3. Be as organized as possible.

It doesn’t matter what your preferred style is, but you need to get organized. You could use calendars, lists or even electronic means, but by doing these steps you won’t be less stressed and you will also ensure that you do not forget anything either!

4. Do some “team building” at the end of the quarter.

Do a laser-tag outing, meet at a popular restaurant, or something else to mark the occasion. Celebrate! You have achieved all of your end-of-quarter goals!

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