New Sustainable Plastic in Waiakea Water Packaging

The rich minerals, plus some other vitamins, end up in this water after it is filtered by miles of thick volcanic rock residue. This pure and phenomenal tasting Hawaiian water is shipped to all global corners using low emission delivery vehicles. That this globally conscious company recycles goes without saying. Emmons turns some of the profits over to help poorer people groups get a clean water supply source. It just feels good buying a product that in turn gives back in so many practical ways. Many water drinking people are glad to further this worthy goal. Read more about Waiakea Water on

When people buy Waiakea water, they are purchasing from a green devoted company. The fresh clear water comes from a gorgeous volcanic mountain site in stunning Hawaii. Ryan Emmons came up with this eco-friendly bottled volcanic water plan while only 22 years of age. New in this business, he was outnumbered by older, perceived wiser men with decades of bottled beverage marketing experience. This new venture has amassed a staggering 4,000 percent profit increase over a small three year time span. Scores of young consumers, and now older crowds too, are overjoyed to find a pure water beverage that has strong health benefits and a sustainable packaging design also. Visit the company website Waiakea Springs to know more about Waiakea Water.

Volcanic rock is porous, with little openings throughout. As water is streamed down through it, the surface minerals are added to the crystal clean water. This company utilizes environmentally saving production and manufacturing processes to ensure that future generations will still have a beautiful world to live in. This dedication can’t help but be catching. It is hoped that other bottled beverage and other product companies take these and more steps to ensuring a brighter world future. The bottle is still strong enough for holding the finer water. It is amazing how just small environmental changes can make such a difference to the world’s environments.

Many people have noticed the increase in plastic waste seen in many oceans, lakes and other natural habitats. Using sustainable packaging selections lowers the overall harmful effect. Most young individuals try to practice green living, and buying this water suffices.


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