New EOS lip balm

EOS is a company that produces lip care products. A few years back, they released their infamous egg-shaped pod of lip balm. Since the release, sales have been off the charts. The company has been very successful in their sales of the EOS lip balm. The pod incases a spherical shaped ball of lip balm which has consumers obsessed. The taste of this lip balm is like no other. Some may ask, whats the need for a sleek, colorful lip balm? The answer lies in the makers of the pod. They wanted to change the fact that lip care products were dull and boring. They in turn, created the EOS lip balm, a fun, sleek looking lip balm that appeals to all five senses.

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EOS has recently released a new version of their lip balm called the Crystal Lip Balm. The name says it all, the balm is crystal clear. Yes, thats right. The balm within that infamous little pod is now totally see through. When first glancing at this new product, you will notice a slight change in the outer covering, refer to The shell now has more of a triangular look which actually looks pretty sleek. Like usual, the top is unscrewed to reveal the balm. The new balm has removed beeswax, thus creating a clear version. It is totally organic and vegan, which allows those who have not been able to use it to do so now. It comes in two delicious flavors- Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, head over here. It has been infused with hydrating oils such as coconut and avocado. This product has been rated very highly from consumers, who think its even better than the original. Try out one of these amazing pods for around five bucks at major retailers. You will be quite amazed with the quality!

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