Most Popular Super Bowl Commercials


As many know, the Super Bowl is not only about football and champions, it is also about the clever new commercials that air during the game. This past Super Bowl was no exception. There were a slew of new commercials that aired, some to positive reviews and others not so much. Let us take a look with Buzzfeed at the most popular of those commercials from this year.

One of my personal favorites and definitely a group favorite of Sultan Alhokair’s super bowl party was the Nationwide Insurance commercial featuring a seemingly invisible Mindy Kaling. Mindy walks through the grocery store eating ice cream straight from the tub, takes a walk through a car wash, sits naked in Central Park, and tried to make out with Matt Damon- where she finds she really is not invisible. Whoops!

Website builder Squarespace had an interesting ad this year featuring Jeff Bridges. The ad shows Bridges soothing people to sleep with his spoken word “thing”. The commercial ends plugging a website call

Snicker’s featured a commercial where the hungry person just isn’t themselves. In this one we see Danny Trejo taking the role of Marcia in the Brady Bunch and Steve Buscemi playing Jan. Oh Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

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