Michael Burwell’s Excellence In Driving Business In The Financial Sector

Willis Towers Watson which specializes in insurance, global advisory, and reinsurance broking solutions recently elected Michael Burwell as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He replaced Roger Millay who chose to retire on October 2, 2017. Michael Burwell has previously worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for 31 years where he had a lengthy experience in the professional services and finance. He worked in various departments and held leadership positions such as the heading the PwC United States office as the chief operating officer, head of transaction services, and chief financial officer.


Further, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson who is called John Haley was glad to welcome Michael Burwell to the team where he pointed out that he joined the company during a time it was undergoing an evolution. He also talked about Michael Burwell’s long experience in the finance sector in which he believed was ideal for driving the business to meets its goals. Also, John Haley appreciated Roger who was retiring from his position as he had exhibited great leadership. Moreover, Michael Burwell stated that he was delighted to become part of the organization and was ready to contribute to the growth of the company.



About the Willis Towers Watson Organization


Willis Towers Watson is an organization that was started way back in 1828. Apart from offering its solutions in the global advisory and brokerage services, the company is also involved in helping clients manage risks, cultivate talent, optimize benefits, and strengthen their companies. The company is currently in over 140 countries while its number of workers is more than 40,000. Furthermore, Willis Towers Watson focuses on a dynamic way of conducting business where it is able to differentiate talent, ideas, and assets for its clients.


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About Michael Burwell’s Career at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers


Michael Burwell’s time at the PwC which was 31 years was marked by the successful growth of the business where he worked for 11 years at audit section and 12 years in transaction services advisory. He joined PwC’s partnership in 1997 when he started a practice in the transaction services in Detroit. Burwell would later be appointed as the CFO in 2007 and as the chief operating officer in 2008 respectively. Additionally, 2012 saw Michael Burwell been named as the vice chairman-global in the U.S. Transformation where Burwell made significant changes in various departments that resulted in greater productivity in the organization.



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