Mark Holterman: The Man Who Did It All!

Who is Mark Holterman?

Dr. Mark Holterman is an honored pediatric surgeon who began his career by graduating from Yale University. Throughout working up to director of surgery, Holterman realized how much he enjoyed connecting with and saving people. His main works focus on the aspects of autoimmunity and stem cell topics. This passion for being a hero lead him to begin the Meriam Global Health Fund. This fund gives him access to take people’s ideas of how to improve medical technology and put it on a global scale to rapidly improve the lives of others. By being the leader of Meriam Global Health, Holterman has the power to also help other businesses as well by giving them funding for research projects or helpful advice on business and management of their company.



Holterman gained not only trust but various awards nominated by colleagues and patients throughout work in Pediatrics for over twenty nine years. He also received an award for one of America’s Top Doctors seven times. He also won the One Time Doctor award three times. These awards all amount to showing Holtermans talent, ability, and love for his patients and work.


How does this benefit us?

The fund does have a concentration in biotechnology which allows it to eliminate some of the risks that are often present in this field. By mixing business people like impact innovators and investors, this allows differing ideas and opinions to be brought into play for one common goal of the Meriam Global Health Fund. This way, smaller scale businesses are able to share their own ideas on how to improve the field and invest with Meriam Global Health and Holterman’s unbelievable experience in the field to benefit everyone (Gazetteday).


How do we know this is a good thing?

With the help of Meriam Global Health, Holterman has devised a way to help International Pediatric specialists get the resources they need to help children in Vietnam. This is why the spread of medial innovation and technology globally is so important, because it can help children in other countries and the entire world on a larger scale.


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