Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Lessons

Mark Ahn Gives Advice On Leading

Biotech industry is a competitive field and Mark Ahn has given a decade of his life to this industry. Getting his Master’s degree in Business and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy, his experience in the industry of life sciences is vast, varied and exceptional. In Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, he has spent enough time in being an entrepreneur to understand the importance of leadership. In fact, Mark Ahn believes that good leadership is important for any and every job. Using his previous executive experience in various startups like Genetech, RXi Pharmaceuticals, Hana Biosciences, Essia Health, Galena Biopharma, Amgen and Pukana Partners, he is able to share his lessons on top quality leadership. 

The first lesson Mark Ahn offers is to learn about leadership from one’s predecessors. He stresses on the timelessness of great leadership skills that transcend day and age. Getting hung up on fads and trends in business leadership is something he dissuades people from doing. Instead, he recommends learning from those who are impressive and valuing great leadership, no matter which form it comes it.

It is no secret that leadership without integrity is useless. It can make institutions ineffective and dilute their value. Without integrity, both leaders and followers can quickly lose direction and find themselves in dark times. Especially for business organizations, the importance of integrity in leadership can never be underestimated. And this is exactly why Mark Ahn recommends business integrity as the second lesson of great leadership. 

In this dynamic world, good leadership has evolved with time. The principles might remain the same but those who are not blessed with good judgment would never find success in business leadership. It is important to be flexible and if people want to improve their leadership skills, they have to understand that good leaders are made of more than just intelligence or education. Character and courage are equally important.

The greatest leaders in the world always led their followers by example. They never left their followers with meaningless orders to follow but made the change in themselves so that everyone could see them and emulate. This is the fourth lesson offered by Mark Ahn.

The lessons shared by Mark Ahn would help to foster a system of give and take based on trust and understanding.

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