Making Your Air Conditioning More Efficient

There are some simple methods of making sure that your air conditioner works more effectively during the hot summer months. Goettl Air Conditioning, located in the hot climates of Arizona and Nevada offers some very good tips for making your air conditioning process work better thus saving you some hard cold cash.

One big factor that many homeowners overlook is that of keeping the environment around your outside unit free of debris and plant growth. This will make certain that the unit does not have to work so hard in its operations. It is also a good idea to wash dirt and debris off of the inside coils periodically. The cover can be removed and a good going over with the garden hose will work wonders.

Inside of your home you should feel free to take advantage of overhead fans if you have them. If they are not present, installing a few will pay good dividends. A slowly turning fan helps to circulate the cool air through the room in which it is located, thus requiring less energy from the air conditioning system. The United States Department of Energy states that ceiling fans can allow homeowners to set their thermostat four degrees higher without feeling any less comfortable by using ceiling fans.

Another smart move is to have a programmable thermostat that can be set with a timer to raise the setting when you are at work or not home for other reasons. Some thermostats can sense when no one is home and then reset themselves accordingly. There is no sense in cooling the house more if no one is there.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1938 and serves customers in Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and in Southern California. Goettl was the first company to introduce evaporative cooling and air conditioning to the hot climates of the desert communities in the Southwestern United States. Read the company review more on


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