Make Money With Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is for people who like to drink wine. In the result of this they decide to turn it into a home based Business for wine tasting events for wine lovers. In 2001, Traveling Vineyard was formed. The mindset for this company is to lighten up the taste of wine by making it less stuffy. This vision of relaxation had sky rocked and today in over 40 states this company has way over 1,000 wine Guides. The Traveling Vineyard wines come in 3 different categories and they are red, white and sweet and fizzy alone with 21 different varieties to choose from. Other accessories are sold with this business as well. People can purchase chillers, decanters, and bottle openers. The cost for a bottle of wine is priced from $14-$25 each. Since these wines have such an incredible high rating with the satisfaction of the quest these wines has a 98% rating.

The Traveling Vineyard business has a very unique model concept. A person can become a wine guide and purchase a success kit for $99 alone with their first two tasting sets for $75. When you reach the selling amount of $750 within your first 60 days you will earn an electric wine opener. You’ll also get a $50 rebate if you make a selling of $1,400 within your first 60 days. As a starter the Success Kit comes with some cool things which are the wine glasses, decanters, carrying bags, two openers, brochures, marketing materials, educational cards, the first two wine kits so that hosting of two wine party events and order forms. In order to educate people on the different varietals of wines, sommology cards come with the kit to teach people about wine pairings and aspects of wine. This makes it super easy and great for customers to view at wine tasting parties.

The Traveling Vineyard business has some nice benefits. For the first 3 months as a wine guide you get your own Personal Estate Website for free. Afterwards it’s only $15.95 a month. The features that the website offer is additional training, videos, and a way to track orders with your own personal accounting software to see how much profit you’re making. You can make money with the Travel Vineyard in 4 ways. You can earn money through home tasting events, by building a team, home takings events and through online sales. The reason one would benefit from participating in the Traveling Vineyard is because of the compensation base structure. Payments are made 3 times a month via direct deposit with 15% – 35% in commission based on monthly sales volume and a 20% discount off of wine which the sales are combined in your monthly personal volume. A total of $417 is sold on average per tasting party. Another best part of being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard there are no monthly sales quotas to meet. What I can tell from their social media people love it as Traveling Vineyard is the perfect way to meet new friends, have fun,gain fulfillment and flexibility alone with financial rewards.

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