Lufthansa Cancels Flights Between Germany and Venezuela

German airline Lufthansa cancelled flights between Germany and Venezuela, as a result of economic problems in Venezuela.
Venezuela’s economy has rapidly shrunk this year says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, which played a part in Lufthansa halting the flight. Lufthansa has difficulty repatriating money from Venezuela because of currency issues.

There is increasing pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as there are shortages of food and medications. The US is not happy over the situation, due to Venezuela’s oil wealth. US Intelligence Officials have been informed on the possibility of an uprising occurring.

Venezuelans like Velasquez Figueroa himself wants a referendum to remove Maduro, as a vote of no confidence. The referendum may not take place until 2017, when The Vice-President replaces Maduro. To avoid defaulting, Venezuela plans to cut imports to pay off its foreign debt.

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  1. China plans to help by donating medication to help Venezuela fight the Zika Virus. This will help strengthen the relationship between China and Venezuela. I have to say that review is becoming something that most people has planned for a long time.

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