Life and Career of Rick Smith, the CEO Securus Technologies

Rick Smith was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in July 2008 and in January 2009, he became the company’s chairman. He has an Associate’s Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Rochester. Mr. Smith also has a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. He held several positions at Global Crossing North America Incorporation from 1972 to 1998. He has served as a chief information officer. Rick Smith also worked as vice president of Financial Management, frontier I.T. President, Vice President of Midwest Telephone operations and director of Network Plant Operations. Later in 1998, he moved to Eschelon Telecom incorporation where he was the chief financial officer until 2000 and was promoted to the company’s president until 2003. He later became the Chief Executive Officer from that time up to 2007. He increased the company’s revenue from 30 million dollars to 350 million dollars leading the company to a successful IPO and learn more about Rick Smith.

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technologies used in correctional facilities and public safety organizations to prevent and solve crimes. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. It focuses on both criminal and justice technology providing services to more than 2,450 law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America. Rick Smith states that Securus Technologies invests in making the society a safe place. He also states that there have been several letters and emails sent to Securus Technologies appreciating their services. Mr. Smith stated that it is the social responsibility of Securus Technologies to make the society safe through biometric analysis, monitoring products, investigations and emergency response and resume him.

Under Smith’s leadership, Securus and JPay teamed up to digitalize entertainment, communication and payment platform in the correctional world. This was done with the aim of allowing for the provision of high technology software needed to run a modern prison. These products would make prisons safe and help enforcement agencies solve crimes faster. JPay is the leading provider of digital products to over 1.6 million inmates, giving them access to music, emails, e-books, shopping, books and education apps. Providing these services to over 33 prison systems helps prisoners to keep in touch with the outside world as well as their families. It also keeps them busy and helps them acquire knowledge thus come out of prison better people and read full article.

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