Keith Mann’s Dynamic Search Partners Help Raise Money For Uncommon Schools

Hedge fund expert and businessman Keith Mann, along with Dynamics Search Partners recently spearheaded a fundraising event to help raise money for the Uncommon Schools. The bash, held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden was a huge success as nearly $22,000 was raked in to sponsor the charter school’s student testing.

Uncommon Schools is a new Brooklyn-based high school that prepares economically-strapped students prepare for life after graduation. Funding is badly needed for AP and PSAT tests. “Our goal is to help those kids gain the opportunity to go to college just like students from wealthier communities,” says Keith Mann. Dynamic Search Partners, which was also created by Mann, has had a relationship with Uncommon Schools since its inception.

Mann says the outlook is very encouraging. “It is great to see how motivated these students are to succeed,” says Mann. The seniors especially are ver excited about their prospects after high school thanks to Dynamic Search Partners. Uncommon Schools are also located in Boston, Rochester, Camden, Newark and Troy. The home office is based in New York City.

Keith Mann has over 15 years in the executive search industry. He has recruited globally and launched a number of startup companies while working as a hedge fund guru. Mann’s Dynamic Search Partners serves as one of the premier executive firm searchers in the U.S. He has helped a number of corporations hire investment and marketing professionals all over the world. Over 200 professional positions have been filled with the help of Dynamic Search Partners.

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