Keith Mann Raises Money for Uncommon Schools and the Police

Keith Mann is concerned about the low quality of education and what is happening to police because of all the protests and the targeting of police officers. Lots of people are concerned about these issues, but when Keith Mann is concerned, he does something. He is a person who is not afraid to back up his ideas and his belief with cold, hard cash.


In 2000, Mann had a vision of helping the financial industry, especially alternative investment vehicles such as hedge funds, find the qualified staff members it needed. Therefore, he co-founded the executive search firm Dynamics Search Partners. He is now an expert on hiring strategy and executive compensation in that field, and has an extensive network of contacts. His list of clients includes the largest, most prestigious and most successful private equity firms and hedge funds on the planet. He’s the Managing Directory. They have filled over 2,000 positions at major financial trading firms.


Mann is concerned about giving everybody a chance to create abundance for themselves and to have a good job. That requires having a good education. Therefore, he and Dynamics Search Partners hosted a fundraiser for the Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Uncommon Schools is a network of 42 schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. All of them are urban charter schools seeking to give disadvantaged students a good education and prepare them for college. The $22,000 Mann helped raise at that event went toward supporting students to get better scores on the standard achievement tests.


To show his support for the police, Mann and his wife Keely sent lunch to the officers at the 54th Precinct in New York City several times. Mann has some understanding of what those officers face because his uncle is a detective on the force in Staten Island. Mann said officers need to be thanks for the service protecting people, not attacked.


The world needs more people like Mann, who take action to support themselves and achieve their career goals, and who then use that money to help others. By helping disadvantaged youth go to college, Mann is helping to reduce the risk that police face while enforcing the law.

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