Kabbalah Centre Teacher and Author Karen Berg Shares Knowledge About Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is recognized by Kabbalists as an important day Moses returned from the mountain after praying sincerely to God for restoration and holy reconciliation of the people. Kabbalah Centre’s teacher and author, Karen Berg shares knowledge about Kabbalah Centre Yom Kippur in an informative and inspirational article, “Yom Kippur: An At-One-Ment with the Creator.” Moses was inspired by God to pray for his people after they built a golden calf to worship. He prayed conscientiously for God’s forgiveness and petitioned Him to restore love and oneness among the people who were delivered from Egyptian bondage. Berg explains Yom Kippur as the day an atonement took place with him pleading to God to have mercy and love upon his people to know more: https://www.youtube.com/user/kabbalah click here.

The teachings of Rav Berg provide discernment to those who have an ear to listen and apply the Word of God to their daily lives. God provided Moses with instructions, judgement and knowledge of things happening in the universe that made a return to at-one-ment with the creator on the tenth day of Libra, also known as Tishrei. Kabbalists teach students that on Yom Kippur wisdom took place in the cosmic. Karen Berg said in the article that Rav Isaac Luria and Rav Ashlag teach students about biblical history, science and physics to provide understanding of cosmic and Yom Kippur. To reach the highest level of spiritual growth during our times, we must understand what is happening within us, including our thoughts and actions.

The same Yom Kippur Moses experienced during biblical times is applicable to humanity today. We have to transform our former ways of thinking that is consumed with negativity into positive joyful thoughts. During the transformation process we go through different stages of spiritual growth. Karen Berg stated in the article that Yom Kippur is the final stage of completely removing those negative qualities from our thoughts.

Kabbalah Centre founded during the early 1920’s and teaches students the principles of Kabbalah in understandable lessons through audio, courses, classroom settings, books, and virtual lectures. Karen Berg is one of the teachers who is devoted to teaching and mentoring students in the Kabbalistic program. In summary, Kabbalists teaches the importance of repentance to overcome evil and live our lives as God designed for all humanity.

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