Jim Toner Gives Valuable Advice

Jim Toner is a well rounded real estate investor in the industry. He is most famous for the “user friendly” approach he uses when explaining real estate investment to interested individuals. Jim Toner has appeared on a variety of platforms from radio show host to consultant. In addition, he is a well respected philanthropist. His accomplishments with veterans and the homeless have been recognized, and he sits on several Boards. The website Ideamensch recently conducted an interview with Jim Toner to learn more about his business approach.

The interview beings with Ideamensch asking about the origin of the name “The Band of Rebels”. The name is meant to signify their attitude of going against the system by making their own business. A typical day for Jim Toner begins at the crack of dawn at 5:30am. He likes to exercise and read to clear his head. He later cites this as the main habit that maintains a strong mind and body. By 9am, he is ready to begin the work day. Jim Toner describes how he simply goes with the flow on complete the daily tasks.

The main approach Jim Toner takes for ideas is simply to just do it. There is nothing to lose in his eyes, only gain, whether success or failure. Naturally, he recommends to test and refrain the idea as needed to make it work. Personally, he looks forward to how podcasts develop. Jim Toner goes on to credit the book “Think and Grow Rich” for giving him the philosophy of surrounding yourself with those who can perform functions you can not perform yourself. Finally, he concludes by suggesting businesses donate a portion of their profit back to the community. It will increase the public perception of the company, and increase profits in the long term.

There are many business man in the world, but few are well rounded as Jim Toner. He takes a very laid-back approach to his work. He takes his time to begin the day, and does not have a particular order to the tasks to complete. Success or failure is irreverent to him, Jim Toner will always try it out regardless. He gives strong advice through out the interview. There is no doubt his story will inspire future entrepreneurs looking to get started.

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