Jennifer Walden Ranks as one of Austin’s Finest Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery is a delicate subject. People often see the process as an individual trying to mold themselves into an unrealistic, Hollywood body type by way of force. Jennifer Walden, an Austin based plastic surgeon, knows all too well how wrong this is. More often than not, Walden says her patients are only looking to eliminate imperfection and blemishes: a stark difference from the commonly held perception. Walden has accrued an enormous clientele over decades of work in the field, is undoubtedly one of the finest surgeons working today and learn more about Jennifer.

Walden has unique insight to plastic surgery as concept due to her status as one of the few female plastic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is a male dominated field. The irony is tangible, considering the vast majority of clients are women. This means Walden has a definite advantage over her male competitors, as she understands what her patients want, and what their fears may be. Walden’s gender translated to greater work experience; as a female, Walden was required to prove herself on a daily basis. While certainly unfair, this ultimately made Walden the surgeon she is today. By working twice as hard, Walden has seen twice the success of her male cohorts. Walden is board certified and affiliated with dozens of hospitals in both New York and Austin and more information click here.

Jenifer Walden’s body of work is comprehensive and vast. Having worked as a surgeon for decades, Walden has received accolades and awards as far back as 1998, including the Herman Barnett Memorial Award. More recently, Walden has been featured in Texas Super Doctor’s three years running. Considering she only just recently relocated to Austin, the fact that such huge strides have already been made in an entirely new ecosystem is incredible. Walden a personable, quality surgeon, and is an excellent choice for anyone in the market and resume her.

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