Jeff Aronin—Helping Patients Live Better Lives

CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin has a wealth of experience in finance and brand marketing, business development and strategic planning, executing and structuring strategic transactions including acquisitions and mergers. His leadership is the driving force in the management of Paragon Biosciences, a global healthcare corporation. He also serves as chairman in many of Paragon’s portfolio firms. His board memberships include Castle Creel Pharmaceuticals, Precision BP, and Harmony Biosciences. Aronin received an MBA from DePaul University and a BS from Northern Illinois.

The focus at Paragon Biosciences is to serve the needs of patients and understand on a scientific level what the science is behind the patient’s disease. From there, Paragon identifies biotech innovators, leaders in the healthcare field and companies holding an interest in addressing these needs. Aronin believes that focus is what runs Paragon’s success of developing drugs in a rational way, which, in turn, cuts down the time for the approval of life-saving medications. In addition, Aronin explained that partner companies are linked with experts in order to offer the best possible resources and to provide strategies and information in order to guarantee vital medication are delivered in an expeditious way to the patients who need them the most.

Paragon has four categories of diverse investigational drugs that are in clinical trials among their company families. They include broad dermatology, orphan dermatology, central nervous disorders and other elevated medical needs (

Paragon Biosciences has a commitment to broaden the frontiers of what is medically possible and is dedicated to improving lives not only through the company’s work but also through the philanthropic belief to support advances in science, education, the community, and disease (Gazetteday).


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